Backlight 11 Photo Festival had 10 000 visitors


Backlight 11 Photo Festival had 10 000 visitors


Backlight 11 Photo Festival had 10 000 visitors during two months in Tampere Region. In fall 2011 the Backlight exhibitions were arranged in four venues in Tampere: TR1 Kunsthalle Tampere Art Museum, Mältinranta Art Centre and Rajatila Gallery. Several site-specific, off-gallery exhibitions were arranged in the City of Tampere as well as in seven municipalities in Tampere Region. The main events were complemented by a diversified Symposium program comprising Artist Talks, seminar, serie of four discussions between artists and the general public, workshops for art students and portfolio meetings.


The theme of the Backlight 2011 Photo Festival has been Migration and Nomadic Living in 21st Century. The festival was organised by Photographic Centre Nykyaika with main co-organiser Tampere Art Museum.


Other organising institutions for realizing the exhibitions were FotoDepartament (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Pixelprojekt_Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr Region, German). Parts of Symposium were co-organised together with Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Werstas. Also several international partners and nominators contributed their valuable knowledge and time for Backlight.


Backlight 11 was supported by City of Tampere, Ministry of Education, Arts Council of Pirkanmaa, National Council for Photographic Art, City of Essen, Deutsches Kulturzentrum Tampere and Icelandic-Finnish Cultural Foundation.


We would like to express our commendation to all Backlight artists, visitors, co-organisers, partners, curators and nominators, supporters, volunteers, staff and every helping hand! Thank you for making Backlight 11 such a nice event!


If you want to see some photos from vernissages and Symposium: just scroll!



Next Backlight Photo Festival will be in 2014


Photo Festival in Tampere has been organized as triennial since 1987. Next Backlight will be held in 2014 and the next theme and instructions for submissions will be published in the webpages 2013.


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Territories of Desire, Tampere Art Museum:




Migration and Nomadic Living, TR1 Kunsthalle:




Migration and Integration into Ruhr Region, Mältinranta Artcentre:




Symposium program incl. Artist Talk, Seminar, Discussions, Public Space, Screenings, Workshops: