Migratory Values -exhibition closes Backlight 11 Photo Festival´s season


Backlight Photo Festival ends the season 2011 with one new exhibition:


Migratory Values

29. October – 20 November 2011

at Gallery Rajatila, Tampere


For the closing exhibition we have invited two Finnish contemporary artists:


JP Kaljonen (born 1976) and Sebastian Lindberg (born 1978). Both emerging artists have dealt with diverse cultural interactions: in the exhibition there will be three art projects, which glance to Europe, Russia and Asia.


JP Kaljonen: Europa, 2011

Europa is a series of photographs where the asylum seekers arriving to Europe are performing carrying balloons, flags and other symbols of the European Union. In the photos the symbolic materials borrowed from the fan pictures and campaign advertisements are juxtaposed to barren and unhuman circumstances that many asylum seekers face after crossing the border of the EU. The series portray a contradiction between the dream made by the ideological values of the democratic governments and the reality which is often worse than the life before crossing the border.The series of photographs was made in Greece together with Asylum seekers living in Athens, Patras and Manulito.


JP Kaljonen: Integrations, 2006

Integrations is series of photographs dealing with the relationship between majority and minority cultures. The subject is mirrored through the Uralian minority cultures relationship with the centralized powers in contemporary Russia. The photographs portray a compilation of recent Russian legislation that aims at national integration and the centralization of power. This legislation has caused a decline in the linguistic-cultural status of minority cultures. In the photographs the conceptual texts constructed in far-away legislative bodies are put side by side with individuals from minority cultures and their immediate environment. The photographs were done in the Russian Uralian areas and republics in cooperation with Mari-El, Udmurtia, Mordva, Komi and Perm-Komi, Yamal- Nenets, Nenets and Khanty-Mansi inhabitants.


Sebastian Lindberg: State of Mind, 2008

The two-channel videoinstallation takes you to an Asian country, but as the voiceover points out it could be almost any other country. Ikea furniture is just the same everywhere, as is much of the entertainment. Is the ideology and beliefs of the people similar also? State of Mind attempts to deal with an idea of unceased growth as expressed in the global capitalism of today.